If you are guilty, you need an advocate in your corner to see that you are treated fairly and push for dismissal if the Government cannot make their case.  If you are innocent, you cannot blindly rely on the courts to see that justice is served.  You need someone in your corner to advocate on your behalf: to make sure that justice is done.

Even small cases can have enormous consequences.  A misdemeanor drug case could cause you to lose your driving privileges.  A DUI may stain your record for over a decade.  A domestic violence case, even if it's not an assault, could prevent you from possessing a firearm.  If you hold a green card, even a minor charge could subject you to deportation.

You need to retain an experienced lawyer with experience litigating these kinds of cases.  At Jardine Law Offices we have the resources and the experience to litigate even the most difficult criminal cases.  Call us today for a free consultation. 


. . . Doesn't Just Happen

If you have been charged in a criminal case, you need to call an attorney immediately.  Waiting until the arraignment or until an arrest warrant is executed may be too late. 

This is not a process that you want to handle yourself.  The prosecutor and the police officers have years and years of training and experience.  It is not their job to be fair.  It is their job to convict you.