Other issues that we see in these criminal cases time and time again involve self-defense, justification, and mistake of identity.  Peter Goodall has successfully argued self-defense cases to juries and procured Not Guilty verdicts for his clients.  He has represented people who have been picked out of faulty line-ups and had cases dismissed.  Successfully using these strategies in criminal defense litigation involves more than simply presenting the facts.  A criminal defense lawyer must artfully portray the story to the jury so that the jury sees the whole truth from the defendant's perspective and not just the truth that the Government and the police want to show them.  The police, the Government, and the "victim" never tell the whole truth, that's the role of your criminal defense attorney, and that's where experience matters most.

Domestic violence cases warrant special discussion.  A crime of domestic violence -- even where there is no violence -- can have lasting effects on a criminal defendant's right to own a gun, get a job, hold a professional license, or obtain U.S. citizenship.  A disorderly conduct or interruption of a communication device may not involve assault.  But the courts, the Department of Professional Licensing, and employers rarely make that distinction.  You need an attorney who can see that your rights, all of your rights, are protected in these cases.  Peter Goodall has had numerous domestic violence cases dismissed in their entirety before trial and he has taken still others to trial and won Not Guilty verdicts.   

Criminal Justice

 . . . And Violent Crimes

Violent crimes frequently take the most skill to successfully litigate.  The problem is that the same conduct can be charged in many different ways.  A fight at a bar, for instance, could be charged as Assault (a misdemeanor), Aggravated Assault, Substantial Bodily Injury (still a misdemeanor), Aggravated Assault, Serious Bodily Injury (a mid-level felony), or Attempted Murder (a felony carrying up to life in prison).  Even if you committed an act of violence, you should not let the police or a prosecutor decide what effect that should have on the rest of your life.  You need an attorney with experience, successful experience, in the use of lesser-included offenses.  Even if you are guilty, especially if you are guilty, you need a seasoned advocate in your corner making sure that the punishment fits the crime.  Peter has taken numerous assault cases to trial including Simple Assault, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Burglary, and Aggravated Murder.  To get the best results in these cases, you need an attorney with this breadth of experience in your corner.